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Building Information

Building Information Group is the leading provider of construction information in Finland
The Group consists of the Building Information Foundation RTS sr, which is the parent company and acts as the R&D unit for the whole group, and Building Information Ltd, which is the publishing house owned by the Foundation.

The Building Information Foundation RTS sr

The Building Information Foundation RTS sr is a private, non-profitmaking Foundation whose task is to foster both good planning and building methods and good property management practices. The Foundation and its activities are directed by a Board and an Assembly that represents the entire building and construction industry through 54 associations and organisations.

Projects that the non-profit making Foundation develops into profitable independent businesses are transferred to its operative company, Building Information Ltd. The Foundation participates in the activities of the Group companies both on the personnel level through its representatives and by organising and financing extensive committee work. The Foundation's own contribution to research remains constant in both personnel and budgetary financing.

The Building Information Group have also building centres abroad: ET-INFOkeskuse AS in Tallinn, Estonia and St. Petersburg Construction Centre Ltd in Russia.

Building Information Ltd

Building Information Ltd is a publishing house owned by the Building Information Foundation RTS. In its operations company promotes good and sound building and property management practices.

Nearly all Finnish building professionals are clients of Building Information Ltd. The company publishes instructions for building and property management, regulations, contract documents and forms and product information both in printed format and on the Internet. Also a wide range of books on architecture and construction, as well as magazines include the company's publishing products.

All available domestic literature in the field of building and architecture as well as Finland's best selection of building industry-related literature from other countries are available in our online bookshop.

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Building Information

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